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Why Recruitment in The IP Industry is Different

Date: Aug 29, 2014

Intellectual property recruitment is a very small, niche market. Qualifying as a Chartered Patent Attorney or European Patent Attorney comes after a successful academic career from degree probably through to PhD; candidates then go through a rigorous training and examination process to qualify as a ‘specialist’ attorney.

Probably in the region of 100-130 attorneys qualify each year as opposed to many hundreds of solicitors, this therefore means it is very much a sellers’ market with attorneys in high demand; a targeted search and headhunt approach is needed where specialist IP recruitment firms are proactive in putting the opportunity in front of candidates. Advertisements and working from a limited candidate database may only reach 20% of the market; headhunting can reach the other 80% of relevant candidates.

Clients require candidates who are technically and commercially of an extremely high calibre and these candidates need informing of a new and hopefully better opportunity via a knowledgeable and personable approach. Whilst in other industries professionals generally actively seek new opportunities this tends to not be so much the case in IP, hence the need for a unique and targeted approach.

Marlow IP understands the nature of IP recruitment based on an experienced and educated team who appreciate the complexities of the intellectual property market.


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