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Why Choose Marlow IP Recruitment

Date: Aug 14, 2014

Marlow IP is a highly professional intellectual property Firm led by Managing Director, Graham Marlow. Graham has over 20 years’ expertise in the IP industry and understands completely the nature of the industry, the ins and outs of what clients and candidates alike both require and expect, and, along with his research team ensures that all these needs are met.

Intellectual property is a very specialist and niche market so it is imperative that discretion is key, Marlow IP prides itself on an innate and thorough appreciation of how each and every assignment worked on is individual and that every candidate headhunted has their own specific set of skills and experiences, which when matched expertly to the needs of the client, can lead to a sound, rewarding and long-lived placement.

In-depth market knowledge and strong working relationships with our clients are imperative, having a clear and complete grasp of the culture of any client firm leads us to be able to communicate with honesty and accuracy to potential candidates.

Marlow IP provides detailed assignment specifications for each position and researches thoroughly to identify the right candidates in the market place. We build relationships with all candidates and it is tantamount to the way Marlow IP handles all aspects of IP recruitment that candidates chose to continue those working relationships throughout their careers.

Above all Marlow IP prides itself on its continual dedication to each assignment, never giving up or walking away but striving for completion every time.

By Zoe Marlow


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