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Where do recruitment agencies turn when they need to hire?

Date: Oct 19, 2015

When a major international recruitment consultancy needs a new Chairman you might think they would not hesitate to tackle the job themselves.  However the Page Group, best known for their Michael Page brand, did not get to be so successful and highly respected by cutting corners.
Accordingly, they have resisted the temptation to undertake their own DIY search to find a replacement for their Chairman, Robin Buchanan, who recently announced his departure from the FTSE 250 company.  A spokesman for Page Group has now informed The Daily Telegraph that they will be retaining an external recruitment consultant to help it find a replacement for Mr Buchanan.

The decision clearly demonstrates their belief in the importance of having independent and objective input to the appointment process.  It also recognises the added value that a search agency can bring to the quest to identify and secure the right candidate for a key position.

The old saw that suggests ‘a lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client’ springs to mind and it might easily be adapted to apply in such situations.  There can surely be no greater endorsement for the ‘headhunting’ profession than to have one of its leading players willingly pay a competitor to help it fill such an important role.

Bob Boad, Associate Director, Marlow IP Recruitment



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